Bernard Wilker

2013 Hall of Fame Inductee

Bernard was a farmer, plumber and pipe fitter at Celina Lake Contracting.  He served his country in the Army during the Korean War.  He played baseball as a child for the Motezuma Ducks as a catcher and also played while in Korea.  Bernard Wilker was born on March 7, 1933, in St. Mary's, OH to Julius and Gertrude (Kramer) Wilker.  On November 5, 1955 he married Marceil Brunswick, they had nine children, four boys and 5 girls.  All their children are married: Ben (Cristy) of Elida, Dan (Traycee) of Lima, Don (Jerri) of Missouri, Andy (Lisa) of St. Mary's.  Doris (Doug) Knapke of New Breman, Norma (Jeff) Hostetler of Cedarville, Lil (Steve) Borchers of Versailles, Angela (Steve) Putman of Wilmington and Sandra ( Todd) Miller of Troy.  Bernard has 31 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  He had seven brothers and a sister: Martin, Jerome, Wilfred, Lester, Charles, Gerald, Paul and sister Carolyn Mangen.  Bernard died in 2004 of the Bulbar form of ALS.  As a family they did not allow him to go into a nursing home facility.  Many of the family are nurses or similar in profession so they took a course to learn how to manage their father's care.  As many whom have had the misfortune to witness someone go through this disease,  they know how devastating to see how debilitating the body can become.  It was very hard to watch our Father/Grandfather not to be able to do the things he so loved to do, but he would not have it any other way.  They continued to come to his home and help out as best they could and visit as a family, because that is what Bernard loved the most, being with his family.  We love our father/grandfather dearly and will forever miss him!!  Our hope is that through the efforts such as this, just even knowing that someone cares as much as this, it will make a difference.  A cure will be the bonus that makes all of it worth it in the end!!

155 Champion Drive
Fort Jennings, OH